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A little bit of history...

 healthy british fish for schools,  BPEX Foodservice  Pork Product Award 2007
 healthy british fish for schools,  BPEX Foodservice  Pork Product Award 2007

 healthy british fish for schools,  BPEX Foodservice  Pork Product Award 2007


Karen McQuade founded The UK Foodhall back in 2007 with Robert Clark. Karen and Robert had worked alongside each other in the school meals market for many years but wanted to work together to provide an assured British product portfolio for schools. The school meals market for meat, poultry and fish was flooded with imported product but Karen and Robert wanted Local Authorities to be able to spend public money on food within the UK, so with a leap of faith The UK Foodhall was born. In the beginning it was just Karen, Robert, Louise Preece and two investor directors, things took off swiftly. Many Local Authorities made the decision to buy British through The UK Foodhall, and a portfolio of healthy British food for kids was created.

In the first few years the company won many national entrepreneurial business awards and were invited to Number 10, Royal Palaces, featured in the news and on TV, it really was an amazing journey into the world of business. By 2011 The UK Foodhall had become a very large supplier to the school meals industry, starting to branch out into other markets. In 2012 they mutually rearranged the investor shareholding to join forces with Bridgwater Bros Holdings as their first joint venture, in an exciting development to move forward, work, invest, learn and acquire together. A focus on innovation through the next few years saw the development of a multi award winning product portfolio and a rapid growth of the company.

The company is now a well established and trusted part of the British Foodservice industry, continuing to innovate, and work towards it's future plans for growth, but the focus of the business is still firmly set on serving the customer with the very best food and service. The UK Foodhall customer was King in 2007 and remains firmly in that position today. 


Moments from the early years...