School Catering Experts
Enthusiasm is at the heart of our business

School Catering Experts

Feeding children healthily is our drive, school catering is our speciality. Over 18,000 schools now buy and love our products.

Committed to the school meals market, we strive to produce and deliver frozen food that schools feel proud to serve to their children. We produce delicious food, which is tried and tested by children, all of our meat and poultry is assured by Red Tractor, Freedom Food or Scotch Beef, our fish is MSC and made in Britain as are our vegan products.

"The school catering industry is a wonderful one, and one which myself and Karen McQuade have worked in for a combined 50 years. We have met many amazing caterers over our long careers, and have seen the most brilliant, creative and inspiring services up and down the country. School meals often have a reputation which is unduly tough, but to us, these caterers are unsung heroes, doing an immensely important and difficult job, and one which we applaud openly and frequently. We are now an established and large part of British school meals and Karen and I couldn't be more proud of this."

- Robert Clark - Operations and Commercial Director

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Example School Menus

This example 3 week primary school menu showcases a selection of The UK Foodhall meat, poultry, fish, vegetarian and vegan products. We offer gluten-free options to schools, ensuring plenty of variety for all dietary requirements. Our products are shown in black font. These are just a few products within our extensive portfolio of food for children, please call us on 0345 301 1182 to learn more.


Week 1

 Soil Association,  RSPCA Assured Food

Week 2

 school dinners,  QMS Quality Meat Scotland

Week 3

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Our food is always British and always brilliant!
We produce fish, poultry, red meat, sausages, vegetarian products, and much more. ‘Harry Ramsden’s Junior’ is bespoke to The UK Foodhall, is certified MSC to ensure sustainability, and is truly delicious. Every single product from The UK is home grown, no imports, no compromise. Our product range is firmly British, healthy, schools-compliant, multi award winning, endlessly innovative, and chosen by children in thousands of schools and restaurants daily.

Buying British and supporting British manufacturing is fundamental,
as is affordability and taste but our customer is our focus.
 Corporate Live Wire Innovation and Excellence Awards School Food Supplier of the Year,  Farm Assurance

It's all about the children...

Harry Ramsden's Junior Range
- Exclusive to and only available through The UK Foodhall -

We are continuously innovating and developing delicious new recipes to extend our exclusive Harry Ramsden's Junior range.

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If you are interested in adding more Harry Ramsden's Junior products to
your school menu please contact us for a free-tasting.

Our 'Harry Ramsden's Junior' fish products are all MSC. Our product range is multi award winning,
endlessly innovative and chosen by thousands of caterers daily.